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Auramarine offers you online support / service. In case of emergency call + 358 20 486 6003


The right wear part inventory is crucial for operational efficiency and combustion system health.


Please do not hesitate to call us, we are happy to help you in finding the best solution for your fuel supply system needs.

Fuel Supply System Sales

Tel. + 358 20 486 5030

Isto Sakkara - isto.sakkara(at)

Lauri Helkkula - lauri.helkkula(at)

Juhani Anttila - juhani.anttila(at)

Ilkka Sirkiä - ilkka.sirkia(at)

Lasse Panttila - lasse.panttila(at) (upgrades and retrofits)

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Service, Maintenance and Technical Support

Tel. +358 20 486 5030

+ 358 20 486 6003 (emergency)

Konsta Leinonen - konsta.leinonen(at)

Sami Kaveri - sami.kaveri(at)

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Spare Parts

Tel. + 358 20 486 5030

Kalle Koivusalo - kalle.koivusalo(at)

Kai Ristimäki - kai.ristimaki(at)

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Our representatives are at your service in over 25 countries.

Find your closest representative.


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