Management, product development, part of manufacture and a spare part facility are located in our head office in Finland. It has an excellent location as regards our European customers. Our newest plant with another comprehensive spare part facility is located in Shanghai. In terms of Asian customers it is the perfect place. In addition, we have representatives in 20 other countries, so Customer Support and Service is always nearby.

Auramarine paves your way to success

Auramarine is the market leader in auxiliary unit production with over three decades of experience. We specialise in delivering fuel supply systems and other auxiliary units to customers whose requirements concerning work quality are the same as ours: top of the world.

The market leader is a reliable partner also as a product supplier. We keep to the promised delivery times, and an experienced manufacturer is an excellent help also during the installation stage.

We have plenty of experience in the use of the products, and similar installations can be found all over the world. Our clients are never alone in new situations: we offer our installation and maintenance expertise

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Auramarine certificates:

ISO 14001:2004 and ISO 9001:2008 certificates

Auramarine Asia certificates:

ISO 9001 cerficate

ISO 14000 certificate

OHSAS18000 certificate


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