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Auramarine products are always made of the best raw materials and carefully inspected components to maximise reliability and long life span. They can be delivered with any classification society certificate. We can deliver our products whenever this is the most convenient for our customers, who can allocate their resources to their own key areas of expertise. This results in significant savings of both time and money.

AMB Heavy fuel oil supply units

The series of marine AMB Mc heavy fuel oil supply units is developed to combine the proven accessibility and easy service of the AMB-M series with a more compact outfit to meet the increasing demands of minimising the space required for any other purposes than passenger or cargo.

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Product range


For total engine power of:

AMB heavy fuel oil supply unit for filtration, heating and pressurizing of heavy fuel oil prior to injection into diesel engines.

Ten different size classes

The Marine Compact (Mc) series is available in ten different size classes according to the total engine power to be served. In the nomenclature, the number refers to the engine power in MW and the following letters represent the heater types:

AMB-Mc-nn-SS/TT/EE where
nn 02,03,05,07,12,15,18,26,36,50 SS steam heaters
TT therminal oil heaters EE electric heaters

Auramarine Marine Gas Oil Handling System


Lower sulphur emissions can be reached through relatively small changes in the engine room. The changeover to using Marine Gas Oil requires expertise in fuel systems, so that wellintentioned changes do not place the durability of the engines or maritime safety in jeopardy. In principle, MGO is suitable for any engine, provided that the modifications are made correctly.

Ensuring lubrication: number one priority

Because of the lower viscosity of Marine Gas Oil, the lubrication requirements of the engine manufacturer may not be met. In most marine diesel engines, the viscosity of the fuel needs to be at least 2.0 cSt.

Auramarine MGO Handling System cools Marine Gas Oil even below 20 degrees Celsius, so that the viscosity and lubricity meet the requirements of the engine manufacturers. For the cooling of the MGO, Auramarine uses a system consisting of a Chilling unit, a Cooling Water Circulation unit and an MGO Cooler unit.

Auramarine Ltd has superior experience in ship fuel systems and can offer fast, reliable and affordable service when changeover to low sulphur fuel is needed.

FuelSafeTM changeover system

Changing between fuels when entering and leaving emission control areas is a complex and time-critical process. If your vessel has segregated tanks for carrying two or more fuels, installing Auramarine's FuelSafeTM changeover system is a cost-efficient and quick way to comply with the emission control area requirements - both for newbuildings and for retrofits.




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