Engineering and design modifications

Ship fuel systems are designed for certain fuels only. New fuel mixes mean that engineering and design modifications are often needed.

1. Engineering preview

When modifications and technical interventions are made to existing fuel systems, a proper engineering preview should be conducted. Auramarine’s engineers can review a ship’s existing fuel supply system design and assess what kind of solutions would serve the ship best in the future. Related equipment, parts and solutions can be viewed in greater depth here.

2. Design and part lists

Auramarine has a knowledgeable and experienced in-house engineering team, specialising in fuel supply system processes, and expertly capable of developing engineering modifications. We deliver the design details for any new set-up and submit the drawings and parts list for production and component deliveries.

3. Technical consultation and documentation for class approvals

We also provide technical consultation and submit updated drawings and documentation ready for class approval.


Let's talk!

Every ship is different from a technical, trading and operational perspective. However, for all retrofits some elements remain essential, namely cost-efficiency and short lead times from design to delivery.

Auramarine is at your service to help you navigate the complexities of class compliance, and find the safest and most cost-efficient retrofit solution for your fuel supply system. We also keep the future in mind, ensuring your system is as flexible as it can be to accommodate change. Contact us to find the best solution to meet your ship’s needs.

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