Auramarine offers its customers spare part packages for proactive maintenance. For example, all spare parts and packings required in annual maintenance are delivered to you, which enables the updating of all parts that need changing.


Ordering separate spare parts is also easy. Please fill in the form for an offer on a separate spare part.


Spare parts

Proactive maintenance minimises defects, and if something extremely exceptional occurs, the replacement spare part is posted within 24 hours of the order and it reaches its destination anywhere in the world in 2-3 days.

Auramarine’s fuel supply systems are durable and the supply of spare parts is secured for all models. Updating solutions are also available for most models, which may be used to upgrade features of older models to correspond with the features of new, modern equipment more closely.

The original Auramarine spare parts keep the fuel supply system in excellent condition. And only a system that functions properly and matches the original quality level is reliable. It ensures trouble-free operation of the ship and guarantees the success of the business operations.

Ordering spare parts is easy and fast via internet and the ordered spare part is posted to the customer from the European or Chinese facility within 24 hours.

Yearly maintenance package

Auramarine wishes to make the maintenance and upkeep of the systems as easy as possible for its customers. We offer packages that may be used to change wear parts at regular intervals and on time, which secures the functionality and the original condition of the system year after year. Annual packages and biennial packages are available, both of which include the components needed for proactive maintenance. In addition, updating packages, which update the equipment units to more advanved versions, are also available.

Separate spare parts

You may also order separate spare parts with the spare part order form. When ordering separate spare parts, it is naturally important to mention the model and type of the equipment and name or component number of the part. We guarantee that the delivered parts are original Auramarine spare parts. They are guaranteed to fit your equipment and function as required.

Modernization package

Auramarine’s fuel supply services are renowned for their durability and long life. Spare parts for all previously manufactured models are still available. You may order either separate spare parts or use the upgrade packages, which upgrade the features of the old machinery to the level of the new, more developed systems. The upgrading packages may be used to increase, for example, the reliability, fuel economy and environmental friendliness.

Better operation – longer service intervals.



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