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The safest way of avoiding unexpected problems is proactive maintenance. Auramarine offers several maintenance packages to secure the proper function of the equipment. Naturally, you may also order separate spare parts.

AMB Heavy fuel oil supply units, 8000-26000 kW

The series of marine AMB Mc heavy fuel oil supply units is developed to combine the proven accessibility and easy service of the AMB-M series with a more compact outfit to meet the increasing demands of minimising the space required for any other purposes than passenger or cargo.

AMB heavy fuel oil supply unit for filtration, heating and pressurising of heavy fuel oil prior to injection into diesel engines.

Suitable for engine powers from 8000 to 26000 kW


Main Features:

  • Maximal reliability and safety due to shell type heaters and separate viscosity and temperature controllers
  • Fast and easy installation due to compact design
  • Easy operation and maintenance due to our several decades of experience and continuous product development
  • Long life span and flawless operation due to the best components, carefully chosen materials and sophisticated manufacturing system

24/7 Service and support, world wide

24-7.gifAuramarine has two extensive spare part facilities: one in Europe and one in Asia. A standard spare part is posted within 24 hours of ordering and reaches its destination in 2–3 days. If necessary, we can also send an engineer to carry out maintenance duties anywhere in the world even at a 24-hour notice.

In case of emergency, call our Emergency service number. It is open 24 h a day. Dial +358 20 486 6003.

In addition to the 24 hour maintenance service, Auramarine offers several simple ways of keeping the engines and auxiliary equipment in excellent condition. The proactive maintenance is the most effective of these. Our maintenance solutions include ready designed packages for

  • yearly maintenance
  • basic maintenance
  • modernization

It is easy to order a suitable maintenance package. Based on the serial number of the machinery, we are able to send the right replacement and wear parts.

A suitable product to fit its purpose

The process begins even before the product is ordered. Auramarine is an expert in producing HFO supply units and fuel systems. Our experience guarantees that we can perceive the needs of our customers and offer them a suitable product, with neither oversized solutions nor products with compromises in the wrong places. An experienced and a versatile manufacturer can customise its solutions to meet the special needs of the client.