When choosing important components to ships, it is not sustainable to bargain over quality. By selecting the components of the world leading booster manufacturer, the ship builder can be confident in the high-quality reliability of the ship.


Delivering spare parts quickly is as important as receiving them. Read more about our 24/7 service.


Ordering suitable spare parts is easy and quick. In our product selection, you will find parts for the newest and also slightly older machines and the ready assembled spare part packages.

We keep you going

Surprises cannot be avoided, but they can be prepared for. Fast delivery offers excellent security when something unexpected happens. Auramarine supplies spare part entities that can be used to prepare for possible fault situations in advance. The parts are ready and waiting when repair or maintenance becomes necessary.

Proactive maintenance minimises faults, and if something unexpected happens, the replacement spare part is posted already within 24 hours of the order and it reaches its destination anywhere in the world in 2-3 days.

Auramarine’s fuel supply systems are durable and the supply of spare parts is secured for all models. Updating solutions are also available for most models, which may be used to upgrade features of older models to correspond with the features of new, modern equipment more closely.

By utilising original Auramarine parts, it is possible to build also specifically designed system units. Also in these cases, our expertise and experience is at your disposal.

Short maintenance times, no lay days in ports.